Frequently Asked Questions


How fast is the Wi-Fi connection and is it secure?

Our internet is part of the 10GIG Adelaide fibre optic network and is blazing fast. We have a wi-fi network that covers the building and additionally each suite has an independent data point via ethernet for added security.


Can my guest (or co-worker) come even if I am not there with them?

Guests must be supervised by a registered staff member from your company at all times. We understand that while you may be leasing an office for two, you may have four staff who alternate days at The Consortium. Accessing the building is simple with our key-card app that can be issued to as many staff as required.


Can I write my papers and do other homework?

Certainly. In our calm and quiet atmosphere, you’ll feel comfortable immersing yourself in your thoughts. We also have meeting rooms if you need to have an online meeting with someone.


Can I use the phone from my coworking space seat?

Absolutely! Your sleek private office suites are acoustically dampened to minimise any noise that could disrupt your co-workers.


How long are the Coworking contract commitments?

The Consortium is happy to offer flexible leasing terms, or you are welcome to commit to us for as long as you like! We offer casual leasing arrangements from 1-3 days per week, as well as monthly and quarterly licensing agreements for your executive private office suite.


Do I have to lodge a Security Deposit?

We do not require a security deposit for your office suite licensing agreement.


How does coworking compare to other traditional amenities?

Coworking takes the effort out of maintaining an office. You arrive to a building maintained by a team of professionals, with over 45 plants and the best in technology. The Consortium offers office tower amenities with the perks of greened spaces and access to fresh air.

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